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Message from our President


At our monthly DVBC Board meeting Monday night (still via Zoom) it was decided that we are not ready to move to group rides.  Yes, we encourage getting out on your bikes and riding, and as we move to the Yellow phase in Delaware County, we are allowed to ride with a small group, but we feel it is too difficult to control group size and distancing, so we cannot populate our ride calendar with group rides just yet.  What we can do is be there for you in other ways.  Here's what to look for this month:

1.  We have a committee working on putting together a zoom training session for Rideswithgps; hopefully this meeting will occur in the next 2 to 3 weeks.
2.  Pandemic Prowl contests continue - we're on week 4.  I'll continue to post them in the ride calendar and on facebook.  This week I will include a couple of suggested routes for different ride levels.
3.  Other ride leaders will also be posting some new routes.  Check out our Ride Library right here on our website.  It is still suggested to be very careful about using multi-use trails, as they can get crowded at times.  If detouring around isn't feasible, then pull out that face covering that should be in your pocket or around your neck anyway, and wear it until you're on less busy roads again.
4.  When we do move to group rides again there will be new procedures to follow.  We're working on those as well.    

Regarding our famous Brandywine Tour scheduled for August 30th this year, realize that it is just too soon to make any final decision.  We plan to do that at the July Board meeting, and will let our members know shortly thereafter.                    

In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy.  In our world we can still be socially engaged and physically distanced, so don't forget to reach out to your friends and family.
Marian Venturini
President, DVBC


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